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My Vice is Eating Out

Once a “couponer” is born, it’s only natural to take a look at every facet of your financial life and make changes. For me, though, it’s always been a struggle NOT to eat at restaurants. I can remember a time early in my marriage, where we kept a strict $500/month total on any food purchases and that was even before I couponed. That lasted a few months, but I realized it can be done.

I just broke down our total food purchases from 5/29-7/2 and we were at a whopping $1,650+! That includes grocery and restaurant visits. I can’t believe after I’ve become a professional couponer, I am spending more than 3X my original food budget. It’s not like I’m pregnant and gag at certain foods and smells or that I can’t cook. I’m a mean Ina Garten wannbe. I just love eating out! No shopping, no prep, no cooking, no whiny kids claiming to “not be hungry,” no clean up, and no dishwasher to empty the next morning. I’m glad I did this, though, because I am getting back on track with budgeting!

Be careful those of you who fell into the same trick that, “if I use a coupon at a restaurant, I’m getting a great deal.” Nothing compares to the deal you can get if you eat at home. Period. I invite you to analyze your bank statements and really see just how much you are forking over to restaurants (no pun intended). Lets make eating out special again and not a crutch because “we don’t feel like cooking.”

Here we go…

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  1. July 3, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    we have been slacking on the eating at home front as well…although i am pregnant (maybe i can use that for a few months) and the thought of food makes me sick…well the prepping does!! we have a strict $150 eating out budget (coffee, ice cream, food places etc.) and i try to spend around $125 week on food to make at home.

    i’m afraid to look at our bills!! i’m pretty sure eating out is more like $400 and eating in is maybe around $200.

    try to eat on mondays when kids eat free. we go to scottys lakehouse in geist and kids eat free and apps are half off before 6pm! last night we went to texas roadhouse and managed to get out around $30 after tip.

    sometimes i do think eating out is cheaper than eating in…for example we like our nice filets atleast once every two weeks — that costs us atleast $20 in meat alone.

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