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Major Savings On Drinking Water!

In my household, we don’t drink from the tap. I actually thought it was completely normal to do so until I started dating my husband. He calls it “toilet paper water.” Yum. I had to change my ways, so I started buying gallons of distilled water for $.87. I thought, “what a deal!” Of course I was comparing that price to purchasing a single name brand 1 liter for $1.00 (don’t even get me started on that).
Fast forward to three months ago when I saw a guy refilling empty 1 gallon cartons at the water refill station at Kroger. Imagine my excitement when I realized those little machines weren’t just for the ginormous things that sit in a dispenser! The price for a 1 gallon refill was only $.39! I held onto my empty water jugs for a few weeks in anticipation to start saving a ton of money on the biggest necessity known to man.
Well the story got even better when I realized these refill stations are at Walmart and Meijer as well. Meijer has their 1 gallon refills priced at a mere $.29!

To put it in perspective, if 2 adults drink the recommended amount of 64 ounces of water a day, that’s 128 ounces or 1 gallon between the two of them. A gallon of distilled water at Meijer is $.87. Times that by 7 and you get $6.09 in water per week for 2 adults. However, if you refilled 7 gallons at $.29 each, it would cost a mere $2.03 per week for 2 adults. That’s a savings of $4.06 each week, or $211.12 per year! If your household is larger than 2 adults, the savings gets even better. This is a small change in the way you grocery shop to equal great savings! Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.

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