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I must sincerely apologize for my absence on my website. I feel so guilty for not keeping up with the deals. Even though they aren’t as good as they used to be, there have been post-worthy ones. Anyway, here is my explanation… I am a working model and actress and that means I don’t have […]

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patio wall block

Update On Our Backyard

Ever since we moved into our home, we knew we would have to tackle the back yard. There is creek that runs through it, that has been eroding away our property at an astronomical rate. The grade was so bad, that water would just pool in several areas after we had any rain. The patio […]

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A Prayer Request

Many of you saw our cry for help to the DIY Network to fix our back yard. GO HERE and watch if you want to feel better about your yard. Obviously we did not allure them with our video, so this year, we are tackling the back yard OURSELVES. We did hire a concrete company, though. […]

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elle pj

Why Do My Kids Love Playing With Poop?

It has to be the most unnerving sight, to walk into your child’s room only to see them diaperless and covered in their own feces. It’s a sight I have become all too familiar with. When my son Kaiden was 22 months old, he managed to smash poop into the carpet of his bedroom during […]

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cut out

Not the Right Fit

So I get a call earlier this week from my agent out of Louisville, KY about a client that wanted to put me “on hold” for a job. My agent first asked me if I would be okay representing an alcohol for a print job, and of course I say, “yes.” Then he asked, “would […]

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photo (82)

I Left My Son at the Wrong Birthday Party

I honestly hate when my kids get invited to birthday parties. You have to actually remember to RSVP, buy an expensive gift (or risk looking like a cheapskate), interrupt your precious weekend, pretend like you don’t want any of the pizza, small talk with strangers, the list goes on and on… So when I remembered […]

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I’ll Keep Speeding A-hole!!!

This has to be one of the worst feelings…ever… This story is the definition of irony… I had a commercial shoot in St. Louis, MO this week and rather than fly me there, the production company had me drive a rental car. On my way home, I realized I only had a ten minute cushion […]

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photo (80)

Super Bowl Part II Midwest Mommy Model Post

I absolutely loved having the Super Bowl in my own back yard. There was so much to do and also many opportunities to get work. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The legendary Ice Cube was the entertainment for the Coors Light party I worked on Friday night. “I did a peace sign just like […]

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super bowl numbers

Family Super Bowl Experience Midwest Mommy Model Post

  You wouldn’t believe what we had to go through to get to this point in our day… Having your town host the Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, we wanted  our kids have a “Super Bowl” experience downtown. It was a good idea in theory. First of all, it took 2 hours […]

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lombardi trophy

Super Bowl Part I Midwest Mommy Model Post

Go HERE to read about the latest post!

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