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Not the Right Fit

So I get a call earlier this week from my agent out of Louisville, KY about a client that wanted to put me “on hold” for a job. My agent first asked me if I would be okay representing an alcohol for a print job, and of course I say, “yes.” Then he asked, “would you be okay in a bikini for a cardboard cutout to be placed in liquor stores?” I hesitated then said, “sure.” We hung up and the wheels in my head began to turn…

I’ve only been in one other shoot that involved alcohol and a bikini…

I vowed never to do that again. I did think, though, since it was for a brand and not the cover of a local magazine, it could be more tasteful? So I called my agent back and told him I should at least send some digitals of me in a bikini for the clients approval. After all, I wouldn’t want them to not see my fresh stretch marks! It was an unnerving couple days waiting to hear back from Craig about what he or the clients thought of my body. In the end, I wasn’t “the right fit.” Translation : I am too fat. A size 6 is considered obese still in the modeling world. I refuse to be smaller than a 4, though. Translation : I can’t get smaller than a 4. Oh well! I did feel better after googling, “cardboard cut out model liquor store” and realized what this job would really entail…

I agree with the client. I am definitely not the right fit.



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One Response to “Not the Right Fit”

  1. February 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Anything smaller than a size 6 on a 5-10 frame wouldn’t be healthy! Even at my smallest my hips won’t make it smaller than a 6! I agree about this not being a fit!!! The first photo – fun and flirty…. Second one… Honestly, trashy.

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